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We got answers!

Frequently asked questions are answered and posted below. Kindly go through it to get a clarity.

What type of construction work does your company do?

We have ample experience in constructing Residential apartments, Commercial buildings, Warehouses and Factories.

What is particularly special about your company compared to the many others in this area?

Our strategy is to build buildings that will truly live to tell the tale of sculptural elegance designed in accordance with the core Aastha’s values of aesthetics, simplicity and consistency.

Describe your client’s role in the design and layout of their new home.

From start to finish, you can totally rely on AASTHA’S dedicated team to deliver what you expect, perhaps even more! We have a team of professional architects, engineers, consultants, advocates, suppliers and workers who painstakingly work towards making each and every client’s inputs come true.

Does the client speak and work directly with the builder?

Yes the client can directly get in touch with the supervisors of each team, to provide their inputs and also to monitor the status of each task.

What do you, as the builder, offer customers that are special compared to other builders?

At AASTHA, we seek infinite opportunities and possibilities. We have approximately completed 1.2 million sq.ft. and there are many more projects in the pipeline under various stages of discussion . After all Commitment, Professionalism, Teamwork and Customer Service are the core principles above all which forms the basis for the way in which we do business day after day.

Please list extra features/amenities available:

Having built its reputation as a company that is honest and responsive with all its customers and its customer-care know-how where direct owner-to-customer service is not just an exception but the rule. And because the company has succeeded time and again when it come to adhering to work ethics and delivering priceless homes to its valued customers, time and again we are repaid with the loyalty of the same customers who comes back to us to buy a second a third home!Prosperity indeed!

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